Power 45

Focused learning and development support for HR consultants and standalone HR managers

When your client has asked you to design and deliver a training session for them, have you ever found yourself thinking....

I need some new ideas and activities for delivering this topic.

I need some help with making my session more engaging.

I’d like to have someone who knows learning and development sense check what I have created to ensure I am on track.

I would like some help getting started with my learning and development project. I’m feeling overwhelmed and I’m not sure where to start.

I just don’t have time to go through all these search results. I’d like someone to talk to so I can get some answers.

If you have found yourself thinking any of these things, focused learning and development support via a Power 45 session is just what you need.

A focused learning and development support session will help you to:

Stop wasting your precious time searching online for ideas and content

Generate ideas, and draw out and utilise your existing knowledge and expertise

Seek feedback and reassurance on training content you have already created

Create engaging and impactful training sessions

Reduce overwhelm, get clarity, and move forward with your learning and development project

Focused learning and development support - how it works

Click on the ‘Book a Power 45 Session’ at the bottom of the page

Read through the information on the Power 45 booking page

Choose a date and time, and add your details

Pay for your booking in advance of the scheduled session using the link provided in the booking confirmation email

Meet online at the scheduled time

Following the session you will receive a recording of our meeting, and a follow-up email summarising the main points of discussion and links to any relevant resources.

Power 45 Terms

Nothing scary, just full clarity on the terms of the Power 45 service.

Ready to get started?

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